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Selected Talks and Lectures in English


E-Mobility between environmental concerns and economic innovation, Online-Conference,



Myanmar: One Year After the Coup, International Conference, Co-Organizer, Myanmar-Europe Research Network, 18.-19.02.2022, Turin (Hybrid)





"Making the Sky Blue Again - Challenges of Environmental Governance in China", Jerusalem, 21.11.2019


"Bilateral relations, society and culture: How China views India", Heidelberg, 18.10.2019


"Infrastructure, Environment and Protest in China and Abroad", Shanghai, 27.09.2019


"New Urban Mobility in China", Tianjin, 24.09.2019


"Infrastructure and the re-making of Asia", Bielefeld, 06.09.2019


"Bridging gaps to foster exchange? Structural asymmetries between China and its neighbor countries", Kunming, 12.06.2019




"Economic development and environmental degradation in China. Consequences for Northeast India", Manipur University, Imphal 23.11.2018


"Turning borderlands into economic powerhouses? Case studies from the Sino-Myanmar border", Bischkek, 15.08.2018


"Shaping regional development: The role of images and perceptions in the relations between China and South Asia", Kunming 15.06.2018


"State Capacity and Development: A Comparison of Northeast India and Southwest China", San Francisco, 05.04.2018


"China Connects the World? Observing the Effects of China's Development Strategy in Asia", Bielefeld, 07.02.2018 




"China's Anti-Corruption Campaign", Hannover, 06.10.2017


"The Belt and Road Initiative in Europe", Tianjin, 21.09.2017


"Current Developments in China from a Foreign Perspective", Tianjin, 20.09.2017


"Myanmar and the BCIM Economic Corridor", Turin, 31.05.2017


"Doing Fieldwork in China", Turin, 28.03.2017




"Reflecting China's Development: Risks, Imponderables and Perspectives", Heidelberg, 29.09.2016


"Sustainable Development and Trade Relations in East Asia", Yadanabon University, Mandalay, Myanmar, 22.09.2016




"Climate Change and Environmental Issues in China: The Role of Non-State Actors in Environmental Politics", International Conference on Climate Change, Indira Gandhi National Tribal University, Imphal (Indien), 23.09.2015


"The Public Debate on Environmental Challenges in China", Special Lecture at the International Seminar on Climate Change, Development, Social Transition and Social Policy", Assam University, Silchar (Indien), 21.09.2015


"Current Issues in Sino-Indian Relations", Presidency University, Kolkata (Indien), 11.09.2015





"The dilemma of political reform in China", Heidelberg, 10.12.2014


"Background and conditions of experimental policy design in China", University of Zurich, 05.12.2014


"Responding to the Environmental Crisis in China", Panel-Chair, EACS Conference, Braga/Coimbra, 23.07.2014


"China's Role in a globalized world - domestic conditions for Chinese foreign policy", Berlin, 07.04.2014


Function of local experiments and models for institutional change in China", Berlin, 14.02.2014





"Cultural organizations and mutual learning: China - Europe", Clingendael - Institut für Internationale Beziehungen, Den Haag, 19.09.2013


"Cross-boundary water resource management in a non cooperative context: the case of Eastern Himalaya", European Consortium of Political Research, Bordeaux, 05.09.2013


"Regional cooperation among states and civil society organisations on trans-boundary river basins: the example of the Brahmaputra", Institute of Social Sciences, Neu Delhi, Indien, 30.08.2013 


"Cross-boundary water resource management in a non-cooperative context: the case of Eastern Himalaya", BPBA, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 28.08.2013


"Transboundary river basins as regional commons and hydroelectric dam constructions in Eastern Himalaya", Faculty of Political Science, Chulalongkorn University Bangkok, Thailand, 22.08.2013


"Fighting Corruption in Cina", Madariaga College of European Foundation,
Bruessels, 09.07.2013


"Rural governance in China: the example of village elections", Torino World Affairs Institute, Italien, 05.07.2013