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Recent Talks and Lectures in English



Youth in Governance and Politics, Imphal/Indien, 05.05.2023



China as a Development Model? Guwahati/Indien, 31.03.2023


Reflecting Sustainability and Alternative Development Models, Imphal/Indien, 28.03.2023   


Large Infrastructure, International Investments and Development Models: The Case of China and Bangladesh, Dibrugarh/Indien, 23.03.2023 


Reflections on China as a “Development Model“, Guwahati/Indien, 17.03.2023


Economic Development of China, Guwahati/Indien, 15.03.2023


Development Policies in South and East Asia, Guwahati/Indien, 14.03.2023


China on Rise or Decline? Academic Debates of Political, Socio-Economic and Cultural Aspects, Chittagong/Bangladesh, 05.03.2023


Debating China‘s Rise and Decline: Political, Socio-Economic and Cultural Aspects, Dhaka/Bangladesch, 02.03.2023


E-Mobility between environmental concerns and economic innovation, Online-Conference,



Myanmar: One Year After the Coup, International Conference, Co-Organizer, Myanmar-Europe Research Network, 18.-19.02.2022, Turin (Hybrid)


"Making the Sky Blue Again - Challenges of Environmental Governance in China", Jerusalem, 21.11.2019


"Bilateral relations, society and culture: How China views India", Heidelberg, 18.10.2019


"Infrastructure, Environment and Protest in China and Abroad", Shanghai, 27.09.2019


"New Urban Mobility in China", Tianjin, 24.09.2019


"Infrastructure and the re-making of Asia", Bielefeld, 06.09.2019


"Bridging gaps to foster exchange? Structural asymmetries between China and its neighbor countries", Kunming, 12.06.2019